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Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and ultimately re-home abandoned, stray and neglected Australian Cattle Dogs. Whenever possible, we also assist ACDs who because of extenuating circumstances are unable to remain in their homes with their owners.

We Are A Foster Home Based Rescue. All of our dogs live in foster homes where they are part of the family until they find their own forever family. We have foster homes throughout Arizona from Flagstaff to Tucson, from Paulden to Winslow and all in between.


Australian Cattle Dogs, also known as Blue/Red Heelers, Queensland Heelers or simply Cattle Dogs, are getting enough attention these days that a fair number of people are asking about them. Many people see how a well-trained ACD acts and immediately want one. The fact is they are not the easiest dogs to train: Australian Cattle Dogs require an air of toughness that many people are not ready or able to execute.

You will often hear that Australian Cattle Dogs are very stubborn dogs. While they can be difficult, "stubborn" isn't quite the right description. ACDs typically have very strong personalities, and they are often very dominant dogs. You have to establish who is boss and you have to maintain that status with clear and intentional training.

Australian Cattle Dogs are a social breed that NEEDS to be with "its people". This is not a breed to leave chained or penned in the back yard... Such isolation can and will lead to very serious personality problems!!

Australian Cattle Dogs are typically very confident in their own physical capabilities and throw themselves into everything with gusto and abandonment. Fortunately, their physical toughness matches their forceful, energetic, highly intelligent, and intently focused personalities

Because the ACD is an active breed, a firm commitment must be made to exercise, both physical and mental. ACDs make excellent running or biking companions although care must be taken not to over exert the young dog. Because of their intelligence, Australian Cattle Dogs are known to excel in dog sports such as Fly ball, Agility and Frisbee competition. The sky is the limit when your companion of choice is an ACD!!

About Us

We came together as a group in September of 2010, simply because we love Australian Cattle Dogs.  We have all been involved in rescue work in one way or another for years and wanted to join forces to help rescue these wonderful dogs. We are all dedicated and passionate about our mission and looking forward to our new endeavor. Thank you for wanting to be a part of this journey.

            Lorina Lopez, President                                          Sherry Cross, Vice President

            Randi Smelko, Treasurer                                            Ron Robertson, Director

           Robin Kingma, Secretary                  

**Photo credit and thanks to Tiffany Hughes-Wind Wolf Photography**

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